Memphis Going Down: A Century of Blues, Soul and Rock n Roll

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The reality, however, is far from that straightforward.

James L. Dickerson, newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and author from Jackson, Mississippi

Photo: Paul McGuinness. His high school friends would move on his original partner, Fred Smith, would utilise his love of airplanes to found another Memphis institution — FedEx but Fry launched his own record label, Ardent, to put out the sounds he was capturing in the garage. After upgrading premises a couple of times, the studio found its current home on Madison Avenue in The large but homely environment has attracted most of the biggest names in music history, from Bob Dylan and James Taylor to R.

Fry recalled how only Primal Scream had matched Led Zeppelin in the hellraising stakes down the years. Big Star were formed in , featuring the remarkable vocal talents of Alex Chilton, who had scored a No. Big Star were produced by Jim Dickinson, something of a local institution himself. Over the plus years since they first split, the group have taken on legendary status as one of the most influential cult bands in music history, with everyone from Teenage Fanclub to KISS citing them as an influence.

Like Stax, Royal was a converted theatre. As you go down the slope, the music gets bigger, it separates. Keith Richards made himself at home there, enthusing about the sound coming from one particular booth. The list of places where great records were made in Memphis just goes on. In Memphis, it feels like music history is on every corner. Aretha Franklin was born in the city, as was Justin Timberlake.

Well, these here are the stairs she tried to take him up. This was where The Rolling Stones hung out after a show in town, and the song drew on that experience. Or so the story goes. History is everywhere in Memphis, and one of the biggest chills comes a short step back up South Main, as the National Civil Rights Museum gives way to the view of the famous Lorraine Motel balcony where Martin Luther King was assassinated on 4 April Tad can show you the historic homes of musicians such as Memphis Minnie.

Notable is the former childhood home of bluesman Memphis Slim, a dilapidated old shack that has recently been transformed into the Memphis Slim Collaboratory, and now includes rehearsal and recording studio space as well as classrooms — further evidence that Memphis is looking not just to its past, but to the future.

As it approaches its th birthday, the city is far from a museum piece. In , the site was redevloped into the Memphis Slim Collaboratory. This is a big city surrounded by farmland, where snug businessmen gamble on the labour of fieldhands, widening the gap between them, testing the uneasy alliance. Memphis has always been a place where cultures came together to have a wreck: black and white, rural and urban, poor and rich.

The music in Memphis is more than a soundtrack to these confrontations. It is the document of it. Elvis Presley Boulevard; www. Your email address will not be published. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. A melting pot Memphis lies on a Mississippi River bluff, founded there deliberately almost years ago by, among others, future president of the United States Andrew Jackson. The living room inside Graceland. Photo: Tad Pierson. Related Topics: B. Click to comment. Nix's stories of living at Harrison's mansion in England provide the cherry on top of a fascinating history of American music.

Another bonus is the photo album compiled by Nix of the musicians with whom he worked. A 7-year-old boy and his father stand before God, their clothing drenched from the rancid lake water that claimed both their lives. One must stay. The other must return. The true story of a journey to the other side—and back. A truly extraordinary account. Vogel, MBR Bookwatch. James L.

A Brief History of Memphis Music

Dixie's Dirty Secret exposes the longest running political gambit in American history and paints a frightful picture of the future of the United States if the current trend in politics continues. How did the populist Democratic Party lose its blue collar and Southern base? Buy Now. Women have been important players in the recording industry from the very beginning, but not until did they out-chart their male competitors and pull ahead in the race for hits.

Back from the Brink is a compilation of interviews of everyday people with real problems. Not only do each of them share their troubled past, they share the intimate details of the absolute darkest moment in their life … being on the brink of suicide. Each of them tells how they got there and, more importantly, how they came back. Chris F. He has worked as an executive at a Top golf club, manager of a college football team, and a bounty hunter.

Before starting each interview, Chris shared his own personal story because he wanted each interviewee to know the person sitting across the table from them truly understood their struggle. Mardi Allen, Ph. Based on interviews with the recording artists, musicians, producers and songwriters who created and performed the music, this book traces the development of the music from the early s in Natchez, Mississippi, where Native Americans played an instrumental role in the development of the blues, all the way up to the present day.

It will be published in Fall Hannah and Caroline are sisters who grew up in Starkville, Mississippi.


Drawing on more than a hundred sources, including personal interviews, this work chronicles the roles, large and small, played by Mississippians throughout five different eras of Major League Baseball. For love or money Our worries in life are for one or the other. In For Love or Money: A Guide to Bungee Jumping Through Life , Annie Oeth shares raucous laughter, magnolia-scented tears, hard-fought truths and thigh-pounding insights on how to make the most of this journey called life.

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Scotty Moore with James L. Dickerson Category: autobiography Available formats: eBook. Dickerson Category: biography Available formats: Paperback and eBook. A biography of the actress and newly emerging social activist. This book was a 1 bestseller on Amazon. Dickerson Category: biography Available formats:Paperback and eBook. This book was a Top 10 bestseller on Amazon. The book was updated in A biography of the Oscar-winning actress. Text by James L. Trader kind of provided that foundation. The US reviewers presumably knew the bar, and the aviators, and wanted more on them.

For the UK reader, however, this is an intriguing slice of US life. Trader Jon ran a bar in Pensacola, which was frequented by actors, aviators, early astronauts, locals and tourists - including Prince Andrew. The bar had strippers for many years, but later changed to bands. This book focuses on a series of interviews and photographs by a writer and photographer when the acts were strip shows, and Trader Jon ruled supreme. The photos are restrained, and are aimed at showing character, rather than flesh. The writing tries to give a voice to the dancers, and does so well.

I suspect this started life as a magazine article, but it works well as a short book, taking under an hour to read. The main part of the book gives a flavor of a day at Trader Jon's, probably already past its peak. There's a real feel for the complexity of the relationships, although it could perhaps have probed further into Trader Jon himself. There are some odd snippets - encouraging a reluctant bar maid to strip, and employing a childhood friend of his daughter as a dancer - that suggest a more nuanced character than is described in the book.

The story arc is that of a day in a bar - quiet preparation, the build up of activity, the peak of the evening, and the slide in to slightly embarrassed tawdriness when the lights come up at the end of the night.

Trader Jon's is closed, but there's a flavor of it left in this book. Rambling Steve Gardner is an internationally known bluesman who is based in Japan. But before the blues there was photography. He covered Asia and the US from Japan and still found time for the blues.